Free delivery on order over $30. Use Code FREE-DELIVERY at checkout. has the best selection of unique Kris Kringle ideas and novelty Christmas gifts on the web this year. Naughty or nice, is the best place to find funny presents to embarrass your loved ones.

As Australia's #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store - here is our pick of the best novelty ideas for the Christmas giving season:

Big Momma Undiesthese are a big pair of lacy underwear for one big momma! They will leave you stunned, as you view the world's biggest pair of female undies. Here's a photo of uncle Steve we caught earlier.

Giant pair of female undies - The Big Momma Undies

Exploding Golf balls - these prank golf balls disappear in a giant cloud of dust when hit, bringing extra bang to your golf game.

Exploding Golf Ball Prank from

Laughing Bag - these are the best stocking fillers from little Laughing Bags are guaranteed to bring some contagious laughter. Simply press the bag and it giggles with excitement.

Laughing Bag - the best Kris Kringle stocking filler for Christmas 2013

Secret Santa is a funny event, focused on finding the most unique and tailored gifts from an anonymous giver; at the office, with the family, or with your mates. 

Make sure you organise your Kris Kringle or Secret Santa early this year to avoid the December 15th rush, and check out Kris Kringle selection for some inspiration on how to impress your workmates or embarrass your boss with a funny prank.

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