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Christmas is always a big season of surprises, and we at are massive fans of Christmas pranks and funny gifts.

We’re also rather large fans of Christmas in general – BBQs, Friends, Family and food comas.

Sure you could grab a Horse Head Mask, Remote Control Fart Machine or a Shock Lighter, but outside of the best novelty pranks and unique gifts from our site, has one of the best products to have some laughs this Christmas which is relatively unknown to the general population – The Prank Pack, also known as the Prank Gift Boxes!

These Prank Packs are fake gift boxes that appear to contain the most ridiculous products you have ever heard of.

They look, feel and smell legit, complete with detailed product descriptions and everything one would expect from a real product - but the items are the most bizarre and weird things you could ever imagine!

They are a great prank to put under the Christmas tree, and will always leave the receiver looking stunned in confusion. Get ready to watch as this funny novelty gift turns their excitement into an awkward half-hearted thank you!

The best part of the Prank Pack is that the real present remains safe and warm inside, so when they actually open up the present, their excitement returns - WHAT AN ABSOLUTE HEAD SPIN!

If you think your confused after reading this blog post, think how confused your victim is going to be when you play this awesome practical joke on them!

Our favourite Prank Gift Box is the ‘Blankeez’ – a giant blanket that covers up to 8 people, with head holes for everyone! With one sleeve at each end for two arms, two family members can move their arms outside the blanket to draw, change the channel or feed Cheesy Doritos to others!

Get together with a Blankeez.

Whilst we do love our families dearly, morphing into one giant ‘family-monster’ with two arms makes us a little uncomfortable. Lucky for you, this is just a Prank Gift Box – not an actual product! has the biggest selection of Prank Gift boxes in Australia - Bathe & Brew, Blankeez, Extreme Chores, iDrive, Pet Petter, Toe Tunes, and the Dream Griddle Wake & Bake. We guarantee each one of these will create an awkward moment when unwrapped.

Grab you Prank Packs here – and play a funny prank on your family this Christmas.

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