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November 15, 2013

Paparazzi Sunglasses

A brand new product just joined us at Pranked.com.au - The Paparazzi Sunglasses.

The Paparazzi Shades are a great product for any young breezy escaping the flashing cameras into a velvet Lamborghini. They are a unique gift from our suppliers in the USA and are sure to be a hit with the fans at Pranked.com.au.

The team at Pranked.com.au are not celebrities (yet...), but we have seen how super annoying the Paparazzi can be by watching videos on the news of the Paparazzi taking videos of other people taking pictures of celebrities.

The Paparazzi Shades will help you escape all of that bs and keep those eyes to yourself. You'll look just like an underage teen at Cancún (if only you had somewhere to go). 

The Paparazzi shades would also look great on you if you ever get caught throwing a few Fart Bombs in the school yards.

Grab a pair here from Pranked.com.au - Australia's #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store!

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