Free delivery on order over $30. Use Code FREE-DELIVERY at checkout. just added two great unique gift ideas to our showcase; the Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine and the Pocket-Phone-Excuse Machine!

These two little gizmos are hilarious novelty toys that create the best funny sounds for when you need them most.

The Disgusting Sounds Machine is the best device for grossing people out, with a soundboard of six disgusting sounds – these machine is sure to disturb.

You can bring along the funny little thing to any occasion and let the disgusting sounds rip at the best occasions. The Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine is the perfect prank tool, fits neatly into your pocket, and lets you gross out family, friends and strangers.

Simply touch one of the six unique buttons and get some great awkward sounds for a quiet waiting room, the dinner table, or while pondering in the stalls. The possibilities are endless.

The six disgusting sounds on the Pocket-Disgusting Sounds machine include Burp, Puke, Wheezing cough, ‘Hocking a loogie’ snort, short-n-sharp Fart, and a nice long Fart!

Buy a Pocket-Disgusting Sounds here.

Second off the runway is the Pocket Get Off The Phone Excuse Machine.

This device is best for when you need help getting off the phone from that annoying telemarketer, that long-winded neighbor, or even that pesky mother-in-law.

The Pocket - Get off the Phone Excuse Machine is a novelty soundboard which gives you six different sounds to play with – everything from the ambulance driving by to a baby starting to cry.

You won’t need to stay on the phone two seconds more after pushing one of the buttons - freedom is just a button away!

Grab one here.

Best of all - BATTERIES ARE INCLUDED on both of these great novelty products! So you can get straight into the novelty sounds when your order arrives. 

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