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December 02, 2013

Top #5 Christmas Pranks for 2013

With Christmas just three weeks away, the team at Pranked.com.au wanted to share our best ideas for Christmas Pranks in 2013.

For many pranksters, Christmas is the perfect opportunity to bring some unique cheer to the game with something unexpected. The things that make a Christmas Prank unique is that they completely catch the victim off-guard. 

This is because they are the most susceptible at Christmas time, because they are entrenched in the holiday cheer that when something absurd or crazy pops-up, they aren’t able to prepare for the situation and their mouth dries up as they become flustered.

Here at Pranked.com.au's Top #5 Christmas Pranks for 2013 - this great list includes everything from Horrible Christmas presents to Prank Gift Boxes to Scary Snowmen.

1. Horrible Christmas Presents

This Christmas Prank is from Jimmy Kimmel, and involves giving the kids we love a terrible Christmas presents and filming their reactions for public display. It sounds terrible, but the reactions are worth it.

The simple trick is to give them something extremely ordinary when they are expecting the world (we're sure their parents gave them real presents after filming them).

2. Layered Christmas Presents

This Christmas Prank may be as old as Christmas itself - and involves wrapping a present dozens of times to keep the receiver forever burrowing to find their gift.

This prank will lighten up their day or at least let them enjoy the numerous ripping of the paper, and of course provide some deep and joyful laughs for the rest of the family.

In the prank, the real gift is hidden within a tiny box in the middle, while the gift itself appears really big - it's only because you've layered it!


3. Prank Gift Boxes

We know we have told you about this great Christmas Prank before, but the Prank Gift Boxes really are the best prank for pulling a curly one this year.

The Prank Packs are fake gift boxes that appear to contain the most ridiculous products ever, but are really just a box to hide your real present.

They look, feel and smell legit, complete with detailed product descriptions and everything one would expect from a real product - but the items are the most bizarre and weird things you could ever imagine!

They must be one of the best Christmas Pranks to put under the tree.

Here is the Toe Tunes - slippers that have built in speakers - so you can leave your ears uncovered!

4. Frosty the Snowman
Although in Australia and New Zealand, we have our Christmas BBQs instead of our Christmas snow downs, this Christmas Prank from the US is an awesome Prank that plays on everyone's worst nightmare - a huge, walking, talking and angry snowman. 

Check out the best from Frosty here - our favourite part is at 1.15


5. Bad Santa
The last on Pranked.com.au's Top #5 Christmas Pranks is the Bad Santa prank, which fits perfectly as a tribute to Billy Bob Thorton's 2003 film by the same name - in which a miserable robber poses as Santa Clause every year with his dwarf friend in order to rob shopping malls. 

The Bad Santa prank is filmed by a single camera across the street as a Santa Clause interrupts random people and offers them rubbish presents. 

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