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Pigeon Masks have arrived at!

Horse Head masks have been huge this year – driven by the memes, Japan’s love of the weird, and the usual scapegoats that pop up at festivals or in the news.

But the team at think the Pigeon Mask has the potential to be big.

If you look on Google Maps and check out Mitaka Station in Musashino, you might notice something a little strange. 

The Pigeon Mask is super realistic, your cat may even think that it is a bird monster sent to get revenge.

If you’re looking for an excuse to nibble on your mate’s food or hang out doing nothing by statues – the Pigeon Mask is the perfect mask for you.

Simply put it on and make a few pigeon noises, then run around flapping your arms until you are removed by security.

These novelty masks are made from 100% high quality latex, and fit most adult heads.

Buy a bunch from and flock with your friends. Even the Horse Boy from Aberdeen is getting amongst it.

Buy a Pigeon Mask from here!

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