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January 07, 2014

Happy 2014 from Pranked.com.au!

Pranked.com.au had a great 2013, delivering hundreds of pranks and novelty products to our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

We've received dozens of emails with positive feedback and kudos, and hope that 2014 will bring another big year for our site and unique brand. 

To bring in the new year, we wanted to touch base with Pranked.com.au's top five highlights of 2013 - the moments that made our team smile and give each other high fives like this...

1. Launch of Australia's #1 Prank, Gag and Joke Store

In March, we proudly launched Pranked.com.au - an Australian owned, run and loved business from Sydney, 100% focused of delivering the best humour, funny pranks and novelty gifts to Australia and New Zealand.

We want to be the best joke store ever - whether its a novelty joke store in Brisbane, a prankers paradise in Perth or a secret magic shop in Sydney – Pranked.com.au wants to be there first!

We want to be synonymous with pranks and laughter - we want you to think Pranked.com.au the next time you see an infamous fart bomb explode in the street. Ka-boom!

2. Wholesale ‘Party-Bags’ Provider 

In July 2013, Pranked.com.au completed it's biggest ever wholesale order, supplying novelty ‘Party-Bags’ for a 10th Birthday party in Sydney. Check out the blog post here!

The team crammed each novelty gift bag with funny gags for the kids - slingshot animalsfart bombs and laughing bags - and also provided the confectionery to make sure the party people had the sugar energy to tire themselves out.

We got some great feedback from the parents and - best of all - are told that we put some massive smiles on the kid’s faces!

Slingshot Monkey

4. Horse Head Mania

In June 2011, Pranked.com.au received hundreds of orders for Novelty Horse Heads Masks.

In all pranksters honesty, the damn boy from Aberdeen received a lot of love all year, and the team's excitement never held us back from playing dress up in the novelty stock room (honorable mention to Andrew's great legs).

5. Pranked.com.au's Christmas Giveaway

Christmas is a great opportunity to laugh with friends and play some wicked pranks on the family.

To make 2013 extra special, Pranked.com.au put on its Christmas hat and served up the best selection of novelty and funny gifts from 2013 and gave away Free Christmas presents with every order all November and December.

We proudly chucked-in Shock pensFart bombsLaughing bagsSlingshot monkeys and Fake Tattoo Sleeves - receiving some great Christmas 'thank yous' along the way.

We continued to bring new novelty products to our line-up in December - Pigeon MasksDisgusting Sounds and Inflatable Tyrone - and even threw in free Unicorn Masks and Chicken Masks to our orders on Christmas Day to show our love.

What's that Tyrone?

Tyrone: That's commitment to building the #1 Joke Store in Australia!

Some final words...

It was a massive 2013 for Pranked.com.au and we want to send an enormous thank you to everyone that contributed to our great story.

We are super excited for 2014 and will proudly keep bringing the best funny, novelty and unique products to Australia and New Zealand.

We wish you all the best for 2014 too!



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