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January 19, 2014

Inflatable Love Dolls in the Pool!

Pranked.com.au has the best selection of 'family friendly' love dolls on the planet - we call them The Inflatables.

These classy inflatable dolls are the total package without the naughty bits - life-sized, always smiling, made from strong durable plastic but no private parts!

That means they are super family friendly and easy on the eyes. Here's the leader of the bunch - Inflatable John...

The Inflatables have traditionally been a great gift for Bucks parties and Hens nights - but Pranked.com.au has been selling heaps this Summer to people wanting to have some more fun in the pool!

We know where their coming from, before we found Inflatable Judy - we were stilling playing swim-swims with Barbie.

The Inflatables are a great and unique gift for those Summer Barbeques - be sure to invite at least two of them so they can keep each other company.

Grab some Family Friendly Inflatable Love Dolls here for $19.95.

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