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Inspired by Australia day - we've added three novelty gems that are going to be a blast. 

The Rude & Crude Magic Answer Ball brings a new spin to magic 8 balls - don't expect the Rude and Crude Magic 8 Ball to be as inspiring and nicely worded as the others.

The Floater is - wait for it - a gigantic fake poo! 

Simply leave in the Pool, the Bath, the Hot Tub or the Bed and watch as a lucky explorer finds the surprise of their lifetime.

Its a classic prank that will make any Dad smile.

The Beer Belt is a great action man gift to hold the bevvies. This 6 pack belt is designed to ensure you never lose your beers!

The Beer Belt fits waist sizes from 30"  to 54", fitting comfortably around even the biggest of beer bellies! is always looking to add cool new products to our novelty line-up. If you know something that would look good our our shelves - we would love to hear from you.

Best of all, with April Fools Day just behind the corner - stay turned for some more unique gifts and novelty pranks hitting our shelves.

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