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As Australia's #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store, sells all the best new pranks and novelty jokes around. But its always good to get bake to the basics....

Our Classic Novelties and Pranks section has all the best pranks for the oldies - the stuff that makes Mum and Dad laugh. All the classic jokes and gags are here - including WhoopeesHand Buzzers and Blood Capsules

These novelty pranks never go out of style as they work on both your grandma and your brother.

Here's our a classic prank, with a contemporary spin - check out the use of Fake Blood Capsules in this new room-mate prank. It goes a bit too far, but that's probably what makes it so good.

If it happened to us, we know that we would need a change of undergarments.

That was a pretty gruesome prank wasn't it? is the #1 Joke Shop in Australia because we bring the most unique gifts that you won't find anywhere else, offering the best prices and best delivery times for our great products!

Grab some Fake Blood Capsules here and create your own horror prank.

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