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February 06, 2014

Stink Bombs, Gigantic Poop and Fart Machines!

Everyone goes through that phase in life when fart and poo jokes are hilarious.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, that phase continues forever and we will always crack a sneaky smile when someone farts in public or we see a Poo in the Pool.

Pranked.com.au stocks all the best bathroom and poo pranks from the web, and today we want to tell you about three of our absolute favorites.

1. Fart Bombs

Fart Bombs are little novelty bags of fun that explode when pressed, releasing some toxic smelling fumes into the air (We'll give you a hint - it smells like someone dropped their guts!).

Fart Bombs and Stink Bombs

Many of us will remember the good old days when you could pick up a few fart bombs from the corner store at recess, and throw them at everyone during lunch - those good old days are back

The 5 pack of fart bombs gives you enough ammo for at least two lunch breaks. Check them out here.

2. The Floater

The Floater is a GIGANTIC fake poo, designed to scare even the most experienced of pool cleaners.

Floating Fake Poo


Luckily, these don't smell like the fart bombs above, but they evoke the same questions like 'what the hell is that?'.

Simply leave the fake poo in the Pool, the Bath or the Bed and watch as a lucky explorer finds the surprise of their lifetime. 

3. The Fart Machine

The Fart Machine is one of our favourite novelty items, and may well be one of the funniest products ever produced.

The Fart Machine brings to life vibrant, natural sounding farts that will embarrass your friends and cure cancer. 

Fart Machine

Simply hide the little speaker, then from up to 20 feet away, randomly set off one of 15 unique fart sounds!

A great addition to a fake fart arsenal is also the Disgusting Sounds Machine - this hand held device does the same funny trick as the Fart Machine - check it out here!


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