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Saint Valentine's Day happens every year on the 14th of February, and is meant to be a day to celebrate your love with your favourite crush or wifey.

The day has some pretty gruesome origins in the burning of early Christian martyrs who were named Valentine, but let’s leave that for another time.

Today, the team at wants to share our Top #5 Pranks for Valentine’s Day – save the sappy stuff for an anniversary and really surprise her with some novelty laughs.

1. Shock Pens

The Shock Pens are great Valentine’s Day Prank and easy win for the team. The pen looks super real and can be used over, and over again.

Pretend you’re on the phone, and quickly hand your wife the pen and say:

“Can you write this number down? Its 0-4-0...”

As she scrambles to put the pen to paper she will be delighted with a nice healthy ‘BZZZZZ!’

You can check out the Shock Pen here in our Shocking Pranks section, where you will find Shock Bottle Openers, Shock Lighters and more.

2. Inflatable John & Tyrone

There is no better way to show some love and appreciation to your wife then by fulfilling one of her many fantasies – leaving her alone with two naked inflatable studs.


Inflatable John and Tyrone as two members of the Inflatables –’s house gang of family friendly Inflatable Love Dolls.

They are just like normal Love Dolls, except this one’s don’t have any private parts, which means more fun for you!

Check out the Inflatable Love Doll Gang here!

3. Horse Head Mask 

The Horse Head Mask meme has been raging for several years now, and keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The original Horse Boy was from Aberdeen, but meme has now taken a life of its own – spurring new animal memes like the Pigeon Mask and Chicken Mask.

The Horse Head Mask is a great Valentine’s day gift – give your girlfriend the meme she always wanted. 

4. Get-off-the-Phone Excuse Machine

Expecting to be harassed by too many girls on Valentines Day?

We don’t know the feeling, but we can imagine that this little novelty gadget would come in very handy.

It’s the Get-of-the-Phone Excuse Machine – complete with a bunch of sounds to help you escape off the phone, like a baby crying, ambulance siren or a faulty phone- line.

5. Slingshot Animals

A big crowd favourite at – the Slingshot Animals have also long reigned as kings of the warehouse.

The Slingshot animals are little furry animals that are able to be ‘slingshotted’ for up to 20ft, are a great novelty present for that special someone on Valentines Day. Simply pull back the elastic arms and let them fly.

That’s’s Top #5 Pranks for Valentine’s Day – hope you have a good one.

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