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Novelty Pig Masks are in are!

These novelty masks are great for dress-up parts, Halloween or civil protests, and best of all are the source of wonderful BACON!

After the continued success of’s Animal Mask familyChicken Heads, Horse Masks, Pigeon Masks – the new Pig mask is sure to find a welcome reception in the barn.

If you’ve ever seen ‘The Hangover’ series, you’ll know how friendly animal masks can become creepy in the right scenarios.

The Pig Mask from is made of high quality latex and guarenteed to complete your divine swine and dine costume.

We’ll even through in a FREE OINKING PIG with every Pig Mask order. The Flying Pig Slingshot is a little piggy taht really does fly and oinks like a boss.

Grab a pig mask here!

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