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March 10, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Pranks

Pranked.com.au has now be open for over 12 months! We've delivered thousands of novelty orders and pranks around Australia, and received hundreds of emails with positive feedback and kudos.

Today we wanted to share our best products for entertaining the Grandmas and Grandpas. Our top three picks are the Pet Sweep, Novelty Golf Balls and Toilet Screamer!

  1. Pet Sweep

The Pet Sweep is a prank gift box – a box that contains the weirdest product you could ever imagine, like a set of gloves for your Dog or Cat that allows them to sweep and mop the floor of the house as they walk around

But when you actually open the box, you’ll find a real and more genuine gift.

Get ready to watch as excitement turns into confusion when Grandma unwraps the box. If she’s anything like our Grandma, she’ll believe anything! So make sure you tell her it’s just a joke.

Check out the rest of the Prank Gift Boxes here!

2. Novelty Golf balls

Novelty Golf balls have been a big seller at Pranked.com.au, particularly around Mothers and Fathers day.

The Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Ball packs comes with a range of novelty golf balls that explode, squirt and stream, creating barrels of laughter on the golf course.

Check them out here!

3. Toilet Screamer

The Toilet Screamer is a little white device that sticks to the toilet seat and when the seat is lifted, the Toilet Screamer lets out a loud screech that gets you jumping off the seat faster than you sat down.

This Grandma and Grandpa prank may be a little scary for them so use caution.

Thanks for all the support at Pranked.com.au - we hope that the next 12 months will be just as fun.

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