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March 17, 2014

Introducing the Pranked Clearance Bin!

Today Pranked introduced a new product collection to its ranks...

The Clearance Bin!

In here you'll find the best pranks at even better prices.

We use the Clearance Bin to quickly sell novelty products which we have too much of, and then seem to just linger in the warehouse, constantly looking at us reminding us they haven't created any laughs yet.

Here's two of our favourites for this week.

1. Rude & Crude Magic Answer Ball

It's like most other magic 8 balls - you simply ask it an important questions and a well thought-out and honest answer about your personal problems will be revealed.

Expect the Rude and Crude Magic 8 Ball to be un-inspiring and humiliating.

2. Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Balls

The Four Pack of Novelty Golf Balls brings the golf pranks to the golf tee, with some great novelty laughs for all the fanatics.

The Four-Pack comes to life through four unique golf balls, each with its own funny characteristic, guaranteed to novelty surprise.

So don't miss the Clearance Bin - as we'll be adding new funny items every week that have been taking up too much space at the Pranked.com.au warehouse!

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