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After a much need hiatus from Pranked - Weener Kleeners are back in stock!

The Weener Kleener Soap is designed to give your woody woodpecker a much needed scrubbing. It's a novelty soap ring product which you can use to clean all the edges!

If you know someone who has a dirty willy - isn't it time your got them some Weener Kleener Soap and set them free from their dirty shackles?

The Weener Kleener Soap is guaranteed to get that thing looking fresh and clean in no time. The soapy product could be one of the most productive novelty items on the planet - and lucky for you the penis soap is know back in stock!

This great novelty product is just one of Pranked's awesome collection of awesome novelty products - we're Australia's best joke shop and want to keep bringing the laughs to our Australian customers!

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