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A great family past time of most versatile gentlemen is participation in the amusement of flatulence humour.

As Australia’s #1 Joke Shop - has found this to be very true over the last year; with the Remote Control Fart Machines and Fart Bombs consistently appearing in our Top #15 of the Week.

These pranks evidently evolved from the family classic Whoopee Cushion, which just don't seem to sell like they used to. Seems to the team here that the world has moved on from these classic pranks.....

To keep things exciting, Pranked brought a BRAND NEW flatulence related product to our Joke Shop in December 2013Its quite a dirty little secret around here, but it was The Floater - a gigantic fake poop that floats around in the pool! 

Its a new age novelty prank that will make most Australian Dad smile.

Why not really mix things up and buy 6 Floaters, and a Beer Belt, and instead of packing the belt with six beers, pack it with six ...... 

Ahmmm - don't think we will finish that one off!

A little known secret with our customers is that we normally throw in Free Fart Bombs or Shock Pen with every order at - just to give you that little extra surprise when you unwrap the parcel!

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