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This video came out in November 2012, and was a great scare prank from our friends in Brazil.

Last time we checked, the video had racked up 53 million views.

A solid prank, the elevator breaks down and your worst nightmare is stuck in a room with you.

Over some pizza, our team discussed two questions relating to this video.

1. How would you re-act?

Some of us like to think we are pretty bad-ass, thinking that if it was us we would, be able to gather up the minerals to jump spin back kick the ghost like Chuck Norris.

But in reality, we would probably be too scared to move.

Could we laugh after? Probably, but it would take a while to recover from such an scary emotional assault.’s token hard-nut (head of IT) gets scared when the pizza guy rings the door bell.

 2. What if it went wrong?

This has probably happened to most pranksters, and can often be a career ending move if things turn out real bad.

If the wrong person came into that lift on a bad day, something could have gone wrong – and who knows, maybe it did, but was cut from the final released video. There probably was a filter put on the people in the elevator to make sure they had the appropriate personality.

We can’t imagine ‘The Undertaker’ from WWE getting pranked on this one….

Heres one from our at VitalyzdTv, an awesome zombie prank, but after several strong performances, he runs into the wrong crowd at the end...


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