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December 21, 2012

The Mayan prank?

The 13th b'ak'tun has ended. The Mayan calendar has expired!

.....and we're still here.

Its pretty silly when you think about it - anyone trying to write out all the dates in the future will eventually need to stop at some point as their is only a finite number of numbers in any sytem. Regardless, media took to the streets through most of 2012 with scare mongering to drum up interest.

Its interesting that the Mayan's caught such a following from 2010 to 2012. But they were a pretty smart civilisation, existing from 2,000BC to 1,000AD. They didn't originate  writing and calendars, but they did fully developed it, and decendents of Mayans still live today.

But the end of the world from zombies, mutants, asteriods or floods is a little far-fetched. Regardless some people still believed it, with people travelling to the mountain peak towering over Bugarach in France, which was part of an urban legend connecting it to the Mayan calendar, and in the streets of America. 

But who knows, maybe the Mayans just pranked us old school.

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