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If there was ever an arena where one must use an ultra fine blend of professionalism and prank syrup for exquisite humour, it must be the game of golf.

Like a good joke, it’s a precision game, with competing players using types of clubs to hit golf balls into a series of holes, and a list of rules as long as the revenge toilet paper.

But what if the balls freaking exploded when you went for a swing – enter the trick golf balls prank.

These little gags are novelty golf balls that look exactly like real golf balls but do all sorts of whacky shiz when you try to hit them. These golf balls are a perfect prank to sneak onto the golf course on a weekend and add a solid laughing session to the game.

One of our best sellers is ‘The Exploder, which explodes into a giant cloud of powder dust when hit, bringing an extra sha-zam to your golf game. It looks exactly like a regular ball, and is the perfect prank for the golf course. 

Some golfers get very personal about their golf, so beware of unexpected reactions when they watch their game go up in smoke! 

For another great laugh, slip one into your mates bucket at the driving range.

Next on our list is a present from Russian Ballet Co, the fairy The Jet Streamer ball, which turns into a streamer in the air like a ribbon girl in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.

Earmuffs for the under 18s please, this one has a little daddy language….

Imagine your mate lining up that perfect put on the 18th for the win, measures the wind with some picked grass, fluffs his glove and grips the putter….

Then Plonk, the ball bouncers off like a jumping green jelly bean. That’s the Unputtable ball’, it wiggles and jiggles when someone goes for a put, and as you make a witty side comment like "Steady on pal".

Gotta love that awkward silence when the guy has no idea what happened (just before the “What the f%*k” in this video).

Lastly, The Phantom , the ball that disappears from view mysteriously into a watery mist.

These golf balls are a perfect prank to sneak onto the golf course on a weekend. Find them in our office gags section.


Sam Hodgman:


We sometimes sneak them into the driving range and act like we don’t know what happened when they explode.

May 02, 2013

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