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Ever thought what it would be like is everyone on the bus was butt-naked? Well the guys at Improv Everywhere (IE) get pretty close in January every year.

The annual ‘No Pants Subway Ride’ event stated in New York in 2002 and has spread throughout the world reaching 59 cities in 27 countries in 2012. Last year, the big prank had 4,000 people get the train in their underwear in New York.

Genius right?

Adding some good humour to a normally mundane public transport ride. Interestingly, these public jokers are not aligned with any particular charity. (Should they be?)

The team behind it, Improv Everywhere, are a New York-based prank collection that ‘cause scenes of chaos and joy in public places’. They have executed over 100 missions with heaps of undercover agents. Their gags are quite different to ‘flash mobs’.

The team at are big fans of these sorts of gags because, other than making some fantasy’s reality (almost), they create laughter and smiles in a normally chilled out environment.

The joker behind the idea is Charlie Todd, a influential man who is involved in performing, producing and documenting comedy. Further street-cred to making 4,000 wear underpants on the subway, he has written a book with Harper Collins, which explores the firsthand accounts of Improv’s crazy antics.

Stuff like fake U2 concerts, dead author book signings etc.

The ‘No Pants’ gig hit Australia in 2008, and the participant numbers have continued to grow each year. In 2013, we saw about 15 people in Hyde Park ready for some action with their pants off.

We also saw 30 people who were taking part in the ‘No Pants Subway’ ride, who removed their pants later that day.

Although no one from the team at went to show support, we were there in spirit (naked in the store room packing orders together).

Much respect to Improv Everywhere for creating some good laughs and spreading some global pranks around.

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