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March 05, 2013

Scaring the bejesus out of someone!

Some of us humans love the feeling of being scared…

It’s why we watch horror and scary movies, jump out of planes and go on rollercoaster’s. It’s that thrill of not being in control and the unexpected that gives us the kick,

Everyone knows that feeling: sweaty palms, pounding heart, shallow breathing, sensitive ears…..

As pranksters and jokers, we love giving people that buzzy feeling, whether they like it or not.

Here at pranked.com.au we stock a heap of scary masks, hand-crafted in latex will horror in mind, to create the most eye-popping scares possible.

That silent entry with the mask, creeping into the perfect position behind the door, and getting someone completely unsuspecting with an ‘AHHHHHHHHGGGGG’ = pure laughter.

Here’s a reel of our favourite scare pranks from the guys at break.com

Our favourite one has to group of dudes getting the Australian guy at 6.00 minutes in.

Check out our selection of masks to give someone a real good scare.

Our favourite is Mr Orang-utan, a blood-thirsty crazy zombie monkey that only the Governator could take down. 

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