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Every heard of college?

Judging from the thousands of videos that surface on the web every day from the U.S. fraternity and sorority system, its looks like some great fun.

Unfortunately (well, depending on how you see it) it’s not a big thing in Australia or New Zealand. We do have a few here and there, but the amazing social societies that exist at these university communities in the U.S. makes the team at a little jelly.

The highest achievement we are really capable of is throwing a few fart bombs into the girls bathrooms, or putting a fake foot under the bumper bar of the janitors ute.

Of course we have a few mates that spent their time doing an exchange semester, but they all come back saying they couldn’t really get into because of the short time that they were there….

Everyone has heard of the initiation process candidates go through to earn their stripes – the torture, the pranks, butt end of the jokes – so why would they go through initiation only to leave the following semester?

Anyway, the gags that come out of these frats and sororities is awesome. Sometime they miss the mark with it, but the ones that make it to the internet (and not the late news) are mostly a good laugh.


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