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April 12, 2013


One of the most enjoyable gags has got to be Ye' Old Switercheroo.

  1. Find something that someone expects to act as expected
  2. Swap with something random and watch them wig out

At Pranked.com.au, we stock heaps of wicked prank products perfect for the switch:

We found this prank a perfect example of Ye’ Old Switcheroo (see video below).

It makes us wonder, if kids like us are pranking our friends and family today, what sort of pranks were they doing before videos were around.

  • Did a caveman hide his mate's bommy-knocker?
  • Did Cleopatra ever get pranked by one of her royal servants?
  • Did Einstein ever psych someone out with an old “check out this equation, look closer….closer…. BOOO!”?

Surely someone once put a whooppee cushion under Winston Churchill favourite fanny pillow to watch the wise man rip?

Pretty weird to think about, but the switcheroo prank sure is time-less.

Poor momma.

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