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April 25, 2013

Tyrone and The Inflatables are here!

Fresh from the states, Tyrone and The Inflatables have arrived at Pranked.com.au!

Tyrone is tall, dark and handsome, and ready for some good times.

That’s not him, that’s Tasty Tyrone (zip your fly back up!).

Here is our Tyrone:

These inflatables are great for Buck’s parties and Hen’s nights, and just about any occasion for a giggle.

With no hidden agendas (i.e. genitals), they are smooth, passive and public friendly.

Our main man – Tyrone (aka the old spice guy) – serves out the chocolate loving like a real hot-rod, but don’t forget the rest of the inflatable crew:

John - recent divorcee and great addition to any Hen's nights. Likes to tell story’s while drinking scotch on the rocks

Judy - a true lady of leisure, she took half of John’s assets and now spends her days sipping pina coladas at the beach, or hanging out with the young studs at Piano bar

Tammy - a former Miss Universe, she is a real party animal and a perfect addition for any Buck's night

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