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May 27, 2013

The Golden days of N64 and Extreme Chores!‏

For many of us, the golden days of Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 are long behind us.

Seems like just yesterday we were having sleep-overs fueled on orange sherbet and mars bars, finding out who really was the best at Super Mario Kart and Smash Brothers.

Or trying to get the invincible cheat on Goldeneye by running sideways through the Facility. Man, those were good times.

But kids these days have way better games then we did – Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed - so it’s easy to get a little jealous and annoyed at their young indulgence.

Glued to the screen, un-willing to budge, demanding more salt and vinegar chips - not a care in the world. The messy plates build up, the old sticky cups tower over on the coffee table, and they get yellow twisty teeth worse than Beetlejuice himself.

You politely ask them to empty the dishwasher and get nothing…..

That's where this product comes in- it’s a brand new action game, compatible with any console.

Extreme Chores!

Extreme Chores races kids against the clock as they complete important household tasks like raking, doing the dishes, digging holes and emptying the litter box.

If you wondering what the hell are you reading - good, you passed the test.

Extreme Chores is a prank pack, which are fake gift boxes that appear to contain ridiculous products from real companies.

They look and feel legit, with detailed product descriptions and everything you would expect - but the products are the most bizarre things you could imagine! Laugh as the excitement turns into an awkward half-hearted thank you.

Grab one for that next birthday, and remember that all May, June and July, Pranked.com.au is giving away free slingshot animals with every order!

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