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Over the last few weeks at, we have been receiving heaps of orders for Horse Heads.

Now don't get us wrong, when looking for unique gifts or novelty gags, the Horse Head is up there with out team's list of favourites - but why the recent revival?

We like to think we are on top of pop-culture, always finding the best funny gifts and topical humour (Game of Thrones eh?) but we missed the memo on Horse Heads coming back into fashion.

If you google image search 'Novelty Horse Heads' you will come up with a great selection of product photos. The team at did just that before this blog post, and this was one of our favourites.

But don't misinterpret us! We love Sex in the City and 'don't mean no disrespect', but this photo is great!

On the left, we have Miss Carrie Bradshaw, caught in a surprised moment and looking like a girl you would like to introduce to your mother.

On the right, we have the Horse-woman showing looking a little startled from the back, and Andrew's great legs looking quite decent.

The photo bombs opportunities from a Novelty Horse Head are un-paralleled - make sure you grab one before they all run out.


Andrew S:

I got 4 of these for a mates bucks party. Great fun.

Jun 20, 2013

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