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There is something quite poetic about putting those three words together – Screaming, Slingshot, Monkey.

  • Everybody enjoys a good SCREAM. Go on, try it - open up that mouth and belt some air out from your lungs.

  • SLINGSHOTS are a favourite past time for young boys and men. We at still remember building them in primary school out of a good ol’ stick and a few rubber bands, hurling bits of rubber all over the classroom.

  • And MONKEYS are awesome little creatures that will always share that special bond with humans.

All three are great when considered individually, but when you combine them together, something special happens, something unique, something unexpected.....


No one really knows when it started or how it happened, but what we do know is that these little novelty monkeys are a great present idea for everybody, and they have continued to be a #1 seller for many years in all novelty stores around the world.

They are completely kid friendly and made from plush, which is the textile used in kid’s teddy bears (thank you Wikipedia).

What that means is you can slingshot these little Monkeys around indoors or outside, and if they should hit something, they arrive with a soft cuddle instead of a nasty crash.

Better yet, they are easy to use, a great laugh for humans, and a great toy for pets. has supplied hundreds of these for kids birthday parties (we offer bulk discounts on 12 or more).

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