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July 12, 2013

Fake Pregnancy Tests – Get your man sweating!

The Fake Pregnancy test has been a best seller for Pranked.com.au since we started. What makes it so good is how it pushes social boundaries just a little bit, by joking about something that probably shouldn't be joked about!

The product description for the Fake Pregnancy test reads “How man is your man?”, and it sure is a great way to test the marbles of your hubby with a little novelty scare. The prank will have your guy sweating!

For the uninformed, a real pregnancy test typically checks a woman's urine for the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is a hormone made by the placenta. When it appears, it usually means that one has slipped passed the goalie and a baby is cooking in the oven.

But unlike a real test, the Fake Pregnancy prank ALWAYS TESTS POSITIVE!

These little novelty gift are perfect for finding out if you've found Mr. Right. Will he stick with you if he thinks things will get complicated?

Grab one here, and don’t forget – Pranked.com.au is giving away Free Animal Slingshots with every order until the end of July (only two weeks left).

Thanks for supporting Pranked.com.au – Australia’s #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store.

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