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September 01, 2013

Fake Tattoo Sleeves

New Fake Tattoo Sleeves are in at Pranked.com.au!

They were first designed for TV and film productions to make those bad-guys look extra mean, but now there has been an explosion of people getting the Fake Tattoo Sleeves for parties, events and pranks.

The Fake Tattoo sleeves come in a wide variety of artworks and colours, look amazingly real, are hand-printed and of the best quality, with one size fitting all.

We have to admit the team at Pranked.com.au pulled a prank over two of our mothers when we got these in.

Here is the ‘how to guide’ on getting the best reaction from mum:

  1. Fire a warning shot over the bow with some initial groundwork about how you like sleeve tattoos at the dinner table, and let it settle for a couple of days
  2. Purchase a Fake Tattoo Sleeve from Pranked.com.au’s large collection
  3. Hold a straight face and get ready to laugh as you enter a room to watch your mum gasp in disbelief as your show off your new ink!!

Pranked.com.au is Australia's #1 Prank, Gag and Joke Store, showcasing the best products the world has to offer and delivering to your backyards.

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