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September 27, 2013

Gearing up for the silly season....

With the best months of the year just around the corner, we wanted to share with you some of Pranked.com.au's best products for the silly season. Make sure you get some novelty surprises for the three big events coming up - Halloween, School Holidays and Christmas!

Halloween Prank Ideas

Pranked.com.au is known for our range of great novelty products – Horse Heads, Slingshot Monkeys and Liquid Ass – but don't miss our great range of scary masks and other prank ideas for Halloween.

We have loads of Zombie Masks, Werewolf Heads and Fake Hands to get you freaking people out. Our best selling Halloween mask has been the Jigsaw Mask.


Jigsaw Mask and carry out your sick, sinister and scary pranks with this awesome movie like mask. The Jigsaw Mask is made with 100% high quality latex and ready to wig anybody out!

The Saw movie series was pretty epic when us young adults were kids - reawaken you fears with this great scary mask.

School Holidays

Its hard to find a decent joke shop in our part of the world – before we stated Pranked.com.au, we searched Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide, Cairns, Tasmania and New Zealand, and the best we could find was a few rubber snakes and some matches.

Pranked.com.au has the best pranks and funny surprises for the School Holidays. Throughout the year our novelty products have provided thousands of laughs in the playground, with wild Unicorn masks, Fart bombs and Shock Lighters finding their way into the backpacks on the classroom jokers, and providing entertainment for all.

Our best selling product this year has been the Horse Head Mask (that boy from Aberdeen), which will soon be coming to an end of manufacturing. Grab one here before they run out, or check out our other funny animal masks here – we have everything from Giraffes to Chickens.



Tis’ the season to be silly this Christmas, a great time to hang out with the family, have some laughs and find yourself in a food coma after lunch. Our best recommendations this Christmas are the Prank Packs.

Prank Pack fake gift boxes appear to contain ridiculous products from real companies! They look and feel 100% legit, with detailed product descriptions and everything you would expect - but the products are the most bizarre things you could ever imagine! They are a great novelty gift idea and a barrel of laughs for everyone.

Even if you’re saving some coin and not planning on given out presents this Christmas (...you Grinch) – Pranked.com.au has a bunch of other funny prank ideas for yourself. Leave a Shock Bottle Opener by the esky, put a Trick Whistle on your sisters car and hear her wiz away, or slap some prank bumper stickers on the neighbours van!

Pranked.com.au as the funniest gift ideas and novelty pranks for the silly season – Halloween, School Holidays and Christmas! – don’t miss your opportunity to make some great memories!

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