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October 14, 2013

The best Horse Head Mask Photos

Pranked.com.au has been doing heaps of volume in Horse Head Masks recently heading into the Silly Season - so we thought we would share with you some of our top memories of our favourite product. 

The Novelty Horse Head Mask has been doing the rounds in viral videos since 2012, when the famous boy from Aberdeen was spotted. Since then, the Horse Head Mask has made an appearance in loads of funny photos circulating the inter-web.

Without further ado, here is Pranked.com.au's best Horse Head Mask Photos. 

The Royal Horse Head Spanking - check out this pair, busted grabbing a cheeky spank.



Horse Cat - this little furry feline was morphing into a Horse-Head-Cat.


Horse and Cat? In a great follow-up to the above – who knows why this Horse was spotted in a fishing outfit handling a cat?



Tracking Sandy - It’s hard to beat the moment when this Horse Head Mask made its debut on prime time TV during Hurricane. The Hurricane itself was devastating, but we feel this little bit of humour hopefully put some smiles on people’s faces



Marriage at the stables. This photo appeared in 2011 with one proud Giraffe marrying a beautiful Unicorn, and someone getting a shot of the first dance. Dont miss the Unicorn mask at Pranked.com.au, you can find one here.



Mum and Dad Horsing around - This photo looks like the follow-up from the ‘Marriage at the stables’, but the mature looks on their faces hints of a forty year marriage. Nevertheless, this Horse Head Mask photo takes out number 3 on our top 5.



Scuba - Last cab off the rank, the great Scuba Horse-Head-Man.

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