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November 06, 2013

Bathroom Pranks

Pranked.com.au is Australia’s biggest and best Online Joke shop, and is proud to bring the best selection of bathroom pranks to our Australian and New Zealand customers.

Bathroom pranks can be hilarious pranks as the victim is so unsuspecting – vulnerably waddling into the bathroom, pulling down their dacks and hoping for some peace and quiet. Only to remember that they share an apartment with a real prankster like yourself.

Here is three of Pranked.com.au's best bathroom pranks - The Toilet Screamer, The Potty Putter and The Fake Pregnancy Test!

The Toilet Screamer is a scream – it’s a little motion sensor prank that you put on the back of the toilet seat, and when someone’s lift up the seat, the Toilet Screamer gives them a massive surprise with a ‘Schreeeeek’.

Toiler Screamer Bathroom Prank - motion sensor that scrams when activated!

The Potty Putter lets you practice your golf game while you sit on the throne – perfect for someone that likes to make good use of their down-time.

It's just like miniature golf, with the Potty Putter set including everything you need:

  • Putting Green Mat
  • Two Golf Balls
  • Putter
  • Cup with Flag
  • Occupied Sign

Potty Putter Golf Set - Gold set for sitting on the toilet

The Fake Pregnancy has been a Pranked.com.au best seller for as long as we can remember. What makes it such a good bathroom prank is how it pushes the boundary just enough to get your man sweating....

“How man is your man?” – find out with the Fake Pregnancy test.

Fake Pregnancy Test - always positive pregnancy test for testing how man is your man!

So if you’re looking for some great Bathroom pranks to pull this holiday season, make sure you stop by Pranked.com.au – Australia’s #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store.

Here is three of Pranked.com.au’s best bathroom pranks – The Toilet Screamer, The Potty Putter and The Fake Pregnancy Test!

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