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April 09, 2014

A BIG thank you to our Customers!

Pranked.com.au's mission is to be Australia's #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store, but we will never get there without the continued support of our awesome customers.

Since opening in March 2013, we have delivered hundreds of novelty orders around Australia, creating thousands of smiles and bucket-loads of laughs! And we can't wait to make many more.

Our Joke Shop is known for a number of amazing products like the Horse Head Masks, Fart MachinesWeener KleenersPocket Disgusting sounds, and of course.... Inflatable Tyrone.

But what makes Pranked.com.au the best is our customer engagement and service!

We pride ourselves on four things:

  • Awesome unbeatable prices on the best pranks, jokes and gags from around the world
  • Fast, cheap and reliable delivery, with all orders managed from our warehouse in Sydney
  • Expanding novelty product range with great supplier relationships
  • Outstanding and continued customer support

Something that only our customers will know is that we include free pranks, jokes and gags in every product order - no matter how big or small! 

We first tried out this idea with a few orders in 2013 and the response from our customers was ecstatic - saying it was a great little surprise and appreciated the thought.

Since then, we've given away hundreds of Fart BombsShock PensBlood Capsules and much more to our customers to show our appreciation of them choosing Pranked.com.au for their novelty needs.

For some inspiration on your next hilarious purchase, don't miss our Clearance Bin for some pranks that need some much missed tender love and care.

November 11, 2012

Hope you didn't get Fooled!

It seems most people forget about April Fool’s day in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s not a national holiday like it is elsewhere in the world, but is known for a day where you can be an idiot and justify it by saying “April Fools!!”. 

The team at Pranked.com.au had a look back over the years and found two rippers from the days not dominated by social media, and people were all too trusting in the TV.

The Swiss Spaghetti Harvest (1957)

In 1967, a British news show broadcast a three-minute segment about a massive spaghetti harvest in southern Switzerland.

The big success of the crop was (of course) attributed to a mild winter and to the "disappearance of the spaghetti weevil", no one knows where he went but the footage should a Swiss family safely harvesting pasta from spaghetti trees and carrying it away in baskets.

Planetary Alignment Decreases Gravity (1976)

On April 1, 1976, British astronomer Patrick Moore announced that an extraordinary astronomical event was about to occur.

At 9:47 am, Pluto would pass directly behind Jupiter, in relation to the Earth. This rare alignment would then create a gravitational force of the two planets that would exert a stronger tidal pull, and for a moment would counterac the Earth's gravity and make people weigh less.

Moore called this the Jovian-Plutonian Gravitational Effect.

At 9:47, Moore said "Jump now!".... a minute passed....... and then the BBC switchboard lit up with dozens of callers proclaiming that the experiment had worked!

What fibs!

Then again, who wouldn't believe this guy....

If you were a little less adventurous on the day, make sure you still get some laughs from Australia's #1 Joke Shop.

Pranked.com.au has great April Fools Pranks and Jokes, such as the Toilet Screamer, Trick Whistle and the Fake Pregnancy Test.

Make every day April's Fool Day!

March 25, 2014

Weener Kleeners back in stock!

After a much need hiatus from Pranked - Weener Kleeners are back in stock!

The Weener Kleener Soap is designed to give your woody woodpecker a much needed scrubbing. It's a novelty soap ring product which you can use to clean all the edges!

If you know someone who has a dirty willy - isn't it time your got them some Weener Kleener Soap and set them free from their dirty shackles?

The Weener Kleener Soap is guaranteed to get that thing looking fresh and clean in no time. The soapy product could be one of the most productive novelty items on the planet - and lucky for you the penis soap is know back in stock!

This great novelty product is just one of Pranked's awesome collection of awesome novelty products - we're Australia's best joke shop and want to keep bringing the laughs to our Australian customers!

If you like pranks like the Weener Kleener - don't forget to check out some of our other great items such as The Tooter, Pocket-Disgusting Sounds and the world famous Fart Machine!

March 17, 2014

Introducing the Pranked Clearance Bin!

Today Pranked introduced a new product collection to its ranks...

The Clearance Bin!

In here you'll find the best pranks at even better prices.

We use the Clearance Bin to quickly sell novelty products which we have too much of, and then seem to just linger in the warehouse, constantly looking at us reminding us they haven't created any laughs yet.

Here's two of our favourites for this week.

1. Rude & Crude Magic Answer Ball

It's like most other magic 8 balls - you simply ask it an important questions and a well thought-out and honest answer about your personal problems will be revealed.

Expect the Rude and Crude Magic 8 Ball to be un-inspiring and humiliating.

2. Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Balls

The Four Pack of Novelty Golf Balls brings the golf pranks to the golf tee, with some great novelty laughs for all the fanatics.

The Four-Pack comes to life through four unique golf balls, each with its own funny characteristic, guaranteed to novelty surprise.

So don't miss the Clearance Bin - as we'll be adding new funny items every week that have been taking up too much space at the Pranked.com.au warehouse!

March 10, 2014

Grandma and Grandpa Pranks

Pranked.com.au has now be open for over 12 months! We've delivered thousands of novelty orders and pranks around Australia, and received hundreds of emails with positive feedback and kudos.

Today we wanted to share our best products for entertaining the Grandmas and Grandpas. Our top three picks are the Pet Sweep, Novelty Golf Balls and Toilet Screamer!

  1. Pet Sweep

The Pet Sweep is a prank gift box – a box that contains the weirdest product you could ever imagine, like a set of gloves for your Dog or Cat that allows them to sweep and mop the floor of the house as they walk around

But when you actually open the box, you’ll find a real and more genuine gift.

Get ready to watch as excitement turns into confusion when Grandma unwraps the box. If she’s anything like our Grandma, she’ll believe anything! So make sure you tell her it’s just a joke.

Check out the rest of the Prank Gift Boxes here!

2. Novelty Golf balls

Novelty Golf balls have been a big seller at Pranked.com.au, particularly around Mothers and Fathers day.

The Awesome Foursome Trick Golf Ball packs comes with a range of novelty golf balls that explode, squirt and stream, creating barrels of laughter on the golf course.

Check them out here!

3. Toilet Screamer

The Toilet Screamer is a little white device that sticks to the toilet seat and when the seat is lifted, the Toilet Screamer lets out a loud screech that gets you jumping off the seat faster than you sat down.

This Grandma and Grandpa prank may be a little scary for them so use caution.

Thanks for all the support at Pranked.com.au - we hope that the next 12 months will be just as fun.

February 27, 2014

Fear of Spiders

Guess who just crawled in at Pranked.com.au?

Good guess! But its actually another 'less-super' spider. 

The Giant Black Spider!

These furry little beasts are great for Scaring Pranks and frightening those with a fear of the creepy crawlies. 

Not only are they super scary, the Giant Black Spider has two little red eyes that will scare the bejesus out of your victim, and best of all, can stretch up to 75cm!

You can grab one here - and don't miss the rest of Pranked.com.au's Scaring Pranks!

February 23, 2014

Pig Masks at Pranked.com.au!

Novelty Pig Masks are in are Pranked.com.au!

These novelty masks are great for dress-up parts, Halloween or civil protests, and best of all are the source of wonderful BACON!

After the continued success of Pranked.com.au’s Animal Mask familyChicken Heads, Horse Masks, Pigeon Masks – the new Pig mask is sure to find a welcome reception in the barn.

If you’ve ever seen ‘The Hangover’ series, you’ll know how friendly animal masks can become creepy in the right scenarios.

The Pig Mask from Pranked.com.au is made of high quality latex and guarenteed to complete your divine swine and dine costume.

We’ll even through in a FREE OINKING PIG with every Pig Mask order. The Flying Pig Slingshot is a little piggy taht really does fly and oinks like a boss.

Grab a pig mask here!

February 12, 2014

Top #5 Pranks for Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine's Day happens every year on the 14th of February, and is meant to be a day to celebrate your love with your favourite crush or wifey.

The day has some pretty gruesome origins in the burning of early Christian martyrs who were named Valentine, but let’s leave that for another time.

Today, the team at Pranked.com.au wants to share our Top #5 Pranks for Valentine’s Day – save the sappy stuff for an anniversary and really surprise her with some novelty laughs.

1. Shock Pens

The Shock Pens are great Valentine’s Day Prank and easy win for the team. The pen looks super real and can be used over, and over again.

Pretend you’re on the phone, and quickly hand your wife the pen and say:

“Can you write this number down? Its 0-4-0...”

As she scrambles to put the pen to paper she will be delighted with a nice healthy ‘BZZZZZ!’

You can check out the Shock Pen here in our Shocking Pranks section, where you will find Shock Bottle Openers, Shock Lighters and more.

2. Inflatable John & Tyrone

There is no better way to show some love and appreciation to your wife then by fulfilling one of her many fantasies – leaving her alone with two naked inflatable studs.


Inflatable John and Tyrone as two members of the Inflatables – Pranked.com.au’s house gang of family friendly Inflatable Love Dolls.

They are just like normal Love Dolls, except this one’s don’t have any private parts, which means more fun for you!

Check out the Inflatable Love Doll Gang here!

3. Horse Head Mask 

The Horse Head Mask meme has been raging for several years now, and keeps getting bigger and bigger.

The original Horse Boy was from Aberdeen, but meme has now taken a life of its own – spurring new animal memes like the Pigeon Mask and Chicken Mask.

The Horse Head Mask is a great Valentine’s day gift – give your girlfriend the meme she always wanted. 

4. Get-off-the-Phone Excuse Machine

Expecting to be harassed by too many girls on Valentines Day?

We don’t know the feeling, but we can imagine that this little novelty gadget would come in very handy.

It’s the Get-of-the-Phone Excuse Machine – complete with a bunch of sounds to help you escape off the phone, like a baby crying, ambulance siren or a faulty phone- line.

5. Slingshot Animals

A big crowd favourite at Pranked.com.au – the Slingshot Animals have also long reigned as kings of the Pranked.com.au warehouse.

The Slingshot animals are little furry animals that are able to be ‘slingshotted’ for up to 20ft, are a great novelty present for that special someone on Valentines Day. Simply pull back the elastic arms and let them fly.

That’s Pranked.com.au’s Top #5 Pranks for Valentine’s Day – hope you have a good one.

February 06, 2014

Stink Bombs, Gigantic Poop and Fart Machines!

Everyone goes through that phase in life when fart and poo jokes are hilarious.

Unfortunately for a lot of us, that phase continues forever and we will always crack a sneaky smile when someone farts in public or we see a Poo in the Pool.

Pranked.com.au stocks all the best bathroom and poo pranks from the web, and today we want to tell you about three of our absolute favorites.

1. Fart Bombs

Fart Bombs are little novelty bags of fun that explode when pressed, releasing some toxic smelling fumes into the air (We'll give you a hint - it smells like someone dropped their guts!).

Fart Bombs and Stink Bombs

Many of us will remember the good old days when you could pick up a few fart bombs from the corner store at recess, and throw them at everyone during lunch - those good old days are back

The 5 pack of fart bombs gives you enough ammo for at least two lunch breaks. Check them out here.

2. The Floater

The Floater is a GIGANTIC fake poo, designed to scare even the most experienced of pool cleaners.

Floating Fake Poo


Luckily, these don't smell like the fart bombs above, but they evoke the same questions like 'what the hell is that?'.

Simply leave the fake poo in the Pool, the Bath or the Bed and watch as a lucky explorer finds the surprise of their lifetime. 

3. The Fart Machine

The Fart Machine is one of our favourite novelty items, and may well be one of the funniest products ever produced.

The Fart Machine brings to life vibrant, natural sounding farts that will embarrass your friends and cure cancer. 

Fart Machine

Simply hide the little speaker, then from up to 20 feet away, randomly set off one of 15 unique fart sounds!

A great addition to a fake fart arsenal is also the Disgusting Sounds Machine - this hand held device does the same funny trick as the Fart Machine - check it out here!


February 01, 2014

Fake Blood Prank

As Australia's #1 Prank, Joke and Gag Store, Pranked.com.au sells all the best new pranks and novelty jokes around. But its always good to get bake to the basics....

Our Classic Novelties and Pranks section has all the best pranks for the oldies - the stuff that makes Mum and Dad laugh. All the classic jokes and gags are here - including WhoopeesHand Buzzers and Blood Capsules

These novelty pranks never go out of style as they work on both your grandma and your brother.

Here's our a classic prank, with a contemporary spin - check out the use of Fake Blood Capsules in this new room-mate prank. It goes a bit too far, but that's probably what makes it so good.

If it happened to us, we know that we would need a change of undergarments.

That was a pretty gruesome prank wasn't it?

Pranked.com.au is the #1 Joke Shop in Australia because we bring the most unique gifts that you won't find anywhere else, offering the best prices and best delivery times for our great products!

Grab some Fake Blood Capsules here and create your own horror prank.