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Ass/Face Sponge

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Everyone needs to wash cheek to cheek in the shower – but are you one of those people that freaks out thinking about what other people have done with that ‘clean’ sponge?

Then the Face/ Ass Sponge is for you!

This great two-sided cleaning sponge is not only a great novelty gift, but it actually is a real working and soft shower cleaning tool!

The perfect funny gift for friends or family members that get a little grossed-out by finding one of those little curly black hairs...

Several academic research studies have shown that >90% of people begin their showers by scrubbing and soaping their undercarriage [citation needed].

That means that over 9 out of 10 people getting into your shower are sponging their bum and their junk, with the same sponge your using on your FACE!

A great novelty gift and hilarious gag – grab your own Ass/Face Sponge and never worry about it again!

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