Tyrone, John, Judy and Tammy are checking into to Pranked.com.au!

Making there first trip to Australia, Tyrone and The Inflatables are here to stay.

Now, we know where your mind is going on this one...

Sorry mate, not Tasty Tyrone - just normal Tyrone.


If your after some classy inflatable dolls (minus the naughty bits), the Inflatables from Big Mouth Toys has got you and your friends covered. 

These figures are life-sized and made out of strong durable plastic, great for Buck's parties and Hen's nights!

Don't just take Tyrone home (aka the old spice guy) - grab the whole gang!

John - recently divorced from Judy for spending too much time on the DJ decks, he is a great addition for Hen's nights.

Tammy - a former Miss Universe, with a tight haircut and attitude to match. A real party animal, she is the perfect addition for a Buck's night.

Judy - she took half from John and now spends her days sipping pina coladas at the beach, or hanging out with the young studs at Piano bar.