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Most comparable famous person: The 'Finchmeister' (from American Pie)           

Favourite website: stumbleupon

Favourite expression: Let's do it mun! (sic)

Scott founded Pranked.com.au in January 2012 and has a passion for making people laugh.

A ‘Jack of all trades, Master of none’,  he has a massive variety of interests and loves to learn new things. On weekends, he can be found reading the 4-Hour series by Tim Ferris or practicing walking handstands in his driveway.

He also has a vegetable patch, which has yielded mixed results.


Business Development

Most comparable famous person: James Franco (mostly in Pineapple Express)  

Favourite product: The Toilet Screamer

Favourite dance move: The Dougie

Paul joined the team in March 2013 and is responsible for product sourcing and advertising.

He’s the brains of the Pranked.com.au and has been involved in several other start-up businesses in past lives. An engineer at heart with a massive love for detail, at night you’ll find him pulling apart the products and checking out their insides.


Wholesale & Logistics

Most comparable famous person: Boromir from Lord of the Rings

Favourite skateboard trick: Nollie-Kickflip

Favourite pastime: Nintendo 64 nights; Goldeneye, Smash Bros and Mario Kart 

Raised by people descended from forest weasels, Michael has a knack for hiding and quick deliveries, and is in charge of wholesale orders and logistics at Pranked.com.au.

Michael joined the team in February 2013, sending out a blast of purchase orders across the globe to source the best pranks, jokes and gags for our online store.

When he is not whipping out deliveries faster than superman, he enjoys being radical.  

Customer Support

Most comparable famous person: Rashida Jones

Favourite type of animal: Meerkats

Favourite product: Prank gift boxes                                                                  

Nikki joined the Pranked team in February 2013 and handles customer support and ensures we offer the best customer service possible.

A real people person, Nikki comes from a big family with five brothers, with communication skills that could make Winston Churchill's mouth dry up.

When she is not talking to customers and listening to feedback, you'll find her reading her book in the hammock.