God damn it man - these are a big pair of lacy underwear for one big momma.

If you have ever seen Jack Black in Shallow Hal with Gwyneth Paltrow, you know where we are at. Why not treat yourself with your very own pair of Big Momma Undies? The great, big undies are a strong conversation piece with guests, or can be raised as a flag at the apartment. But our favourite is at work.

Simply smuggle a pair into your mates gym bag in the morning. When he hits the gym later that day, and when in front of the boys, he pulls out a massive pair of panties and asks "WHAT ARE THESE?".

Laughter ensures. Lastly, in the event of you soiling yourself, and the urgent need to change undies, you can be sure these huge underwear are wearable, too.

Sizes 98 - 100, 100% polyester fabric.

You might have a hard time fitting in the garter, but you sure will look sexy.

In the words of Big Boi from Outkast: "Especially the big girl, big girls need love too"