The Disgusting Sounds Machine is the best device for grossing people out, with a soundboard of six disgusting sounds – these machine is sure to disturb.

You can bring along the funny little thing to any occasion and let the disgusting sounds rip at the best occasions. The Pocket-Disgusting Sounds Machine fits neatly into your pocket, and lets you gross out family, friends and strangers.

Simply touch one of the six unique buttons and get some great awkward sounds for a quiet waiting room, the dinner table, or while pondering in the stalls. The pranking ideas and possibilities are endless.

The six disgusting sounds on the Pocket-Disgusting Sounds machine include Burp, Puke, Wheezing cough, ‘Hocking a loogie’ snort, short-n-sharp Fart, and a nice long Fart!

Best of all - BATTERIES ARE INCLUDEDSo you can get straight into the novelty sounds when your order arrives. 

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