The Three Pack of Trick Golf Balls from Pranked.com.au bring the golf pranks thick and fast from the tee.

The Three-Pack comes to life through four unique golf balls, each with its own funny characteristic, guaranteed to novelty surprise.

  1. The Exploder ball explodes in a giant cloud of powder dust when hit - leaving your mate clueless as the ball vanishes
  2. The JetStreamer ball turns into a streamer in the air like a Russian Bally Ribbon girl in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics
  3. The Unputtaball ball wiggles and jiggles when someone goes for a put, as you make a witty side comment like "Steady on pal"

This prank golf balls are child safe, but beware of angry dad's after they watch their game go up in smoke!

The novelty golf ball set - Triple Trouble Trick Golf Balls- is a great unique gift for the 'golf lover' in your family.